Welcome spice lovers!

Thank you for visiting my new blog!

The whole idea for The Chilli Pad came about one afternoon when I realised just how obsessed I was with spicy food and from doing my research in preparation for this blog, I learned I wasn’t alone.

In my home county itself, a number of spicy food restaurants and shops have sprung up within the last year and the number of annual chilli festivals has increased dramatically. That’s not including all the food festivals that are now featuring specialist spicy food products.

This blog will feature recipes, reviews, events and more and I’m also happy to accept guest bloggers work. Apply by sending your article to chapple_56@hotmail.co.uk for my consideration.

I’m also looking for feedback on the blog so I can make it more interesting for you.

About me

Hi, I’m Megan Chapple and I’m a 25 year-old blogger from Berkshire, UK.

How long have I liked spicy food?

Despite being British, a plain roast has never really stood out to me as a tasty dish and I’ve always needed some sort of sauce to accompany my meals. Once, whilst at a car boot sale, I got really peckish so my dad brought me a burger. I decided to try this red bottle at the end of the counter and from that day forward I’ve always had a bottle of hot sauce in my cupboards.

Worst spicy food moment?

Whilst on holiday in Tunisia, I challenged our tour guide to a ‘chilli-off’. We both tried their traditional chilli paste to see how much we could eat. In the end we drew, however, I then went out into the 42C sunshine and ended up spending the rest of the trip collapsed in the shade with a  bottle of water.

Life saver

Whilst at university I was very strapped for cash and had to rely on ready meals and tins. The cardboard taste made me dread meal time but luckily I had a constant supply of Tabasco sauce to smother it in which kept me going. After a little while I gradually got more and more into cooking and although Tabasco sauce is always kept close to hand, I’ve never looked back on processed food.


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