Product of the week: Chilli chutney

This week I’ve looked into the difference between supermarket and locally produced chutney. One from a local independent supplier and one from Tesco. I’ve tasted them both on their own and with ham to see which is the nicest and spiciest of them all. Here’s my verdict.

Baxters Red Pepper & Jalapeño ChutneySupermarket: Baxters Red Pepper & Jalapeño Chutney

This is from the Baxters Speciality Range and is described as a “tantalising dip” by the company’s website. It’s said to work well with tortilla chips and sour cream as well as cheese and meats. I expected this to be very spicy but it was actually quite mild (for me). I’m not sure if ham was the best accompaniment but from what it has been described as going best with, I would probably use it more as a salsa or relish than a chutney.

To find the perfect summer BBQ recipe to use this in go to

Susie's Fiery Real Ale ChutneyLocal produce: Susie’s Fiery Real Ale Chutney

This chunkier chutney has two flavours which are both strong and very nice. One taste is the normal pickle flavour of most chutneys along with a hint of ale. The second flavour is a burst of heat which will take you by surprise. It’s actually a lot hotter than I thought it would be. It went really well with the ham and it also goes well with cheeses and salads. What is also great about this chutney is even the beer used in it is produced locally. This is my favourite.

You can find more chutney and jams at


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