Spicy food is healthy food

New medicine cabinet?

Today I read this post http://onus111.com/2012/05/08/spicy-food-is-good-for-you/ which talks about the ways spicy food can help you and banishes the bad spicy food myths.

I’ve read my fair share of scaremongering articles warning me about the dangers of hot sauce but what people don’t realise is that for many years, chillis have actually been used to treat common aliments. One of the most widely accepted claims is that eating spicy food is great for treating a cold.

The magic ingredient

Capsaicin is the active chemical ingredient in chilli pepper which is often thought to have healing traits. For the unlucky few of us who have touched our eyes after chopping chillis, this is the nasty chemical which causes them to burn like crazy.

But don’t be put off! Recent studies have found this is the same chemical that can increase your metabolism and even alleviate symptoms associated with heartburn and stomach ulcers, which to many people is often thought to be the cause. Spicy foods have also been attributed to promoting good circulation and lowering blood pressure, which reduces strain on the heart. In an American cancer study it was also shown that spicy food may prevent some types of cancer.

Good for the mind

As well as physical goodness, spicy food are said to boost the production of ‘happy’ hormones and may help to ease stress and depression. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “hot-headed”.

Whilst all of these are claims with some scientific evidence there is nothing to suggest that eating spicy food is bad for you, although maintaining a healthy balanced diet is always the best way to go.


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  1. Onus says:

    Thank you for the feedback! It is great to know that we can enjoy these spices and that they are good for us. There is also a wealth of evidence showing that cyminum (Cumin) has many benefits too. It goes to show that people are far too susceptible to take the most salient sensation (ie. burning of the mouth) and jump to conclusions on how that “must” affect the body.

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