Are chillies getting hotter?

Everyone knows that chillies are hot and can range in their hotness but a recent article in The Washington Post asks the question ‘Are we growing chillies hotter?’

Genetic modification of plants and animals is no secret and it has its good and its bad points. In fact, the common pepper we see today is a modification.

Last year the BBC reported a ‘record-breaking’ chilli called the Infinity Chilli which is said to be the hottest chilli in the world. With a Scoville Scale Rating of 1,179,182, it’s reported that the grower of the chilli, Nick Woods, grew the chilli by accident. His excuse was that there are so many varieties of chilli it was easy to get them crossed.

Basically, chillies can easily be mutated into different varieties and they have been for many years for different uses. Many for specific recipes, some for medicine and herbal remedies and some have even been modified to be used as weapons. In recent years, growing your own chillies has now become a hobby for many so for all we know there thousands upon thousands of different chillies out there with different hotness ratings.

The problem is that chillies like the Infinity Chilli don’t really have any good uses other than to cause pain, so what is really the point of growing them this hot?


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