Spicy…the Wagamama way


25-29 High Street



Wagamama is a Japanese inspired restaurant chain specialising in noodle and rice dishes, which you can enjoy in a stylish minimalist setting.

Wagamama, which is Japanese for “naughty child”, prides itself on the use of fresh, healthy ingredients and an ever-changing and expanding menu. Service is extremely quick and green tea is on tap!

Being me, I went for the two spiciest choices on the menu and I can tell you these dishes did not disappoint in the heat department.
Main: Prawn Firecracker

This dish couldn’t be more suited to its name. With a choice of chicken or prawn, this stir-fry includes mangetout, chillies, peppers and spring onions served in a spicy, sweet sauce, complete with rice. Don’t be fooled by the chillies as they aren’t nearly as hot as the sauce. Just a tiny bit of it will set your mouth on fire.

Chilli SquidSide dish: Chilli squid

Deep-fried squid seasoned with shichimi (Japanese chilli pepper) served with a chilli, garlic and coriander dipping sauce. Very moreish and easy to eat with chopsticks.

Make sure you finish off with some coconut ice cream to cool your mouth down after all this spicy food.


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