I love when my food comes with a warning

Spice Indian Restaurant

35-37 High St



RG19 3JG

It’s happened quite a few times to me already. I look for the dish on the menu with the word “Hot” next to it. Then the waiter or waitress comes over to take our order. I give the name of the dish and immediately I’m met with a worried look.

Waiter: “It’s quite hot just so you know.”

Me: “That’s fine” *Perfect! HIT ME!*

It was exactly the way the evening started at Spice restaurant in Thatcham. I ordered the lamb morrisa (pictured), cooked in a hot sauce with green chillies and peppers.

It looked and smelled delicious and tasted fantastic but it was literally a firecracker in the mouth. The spice hit instantly and lasted all the way down into my stomach. I knew if I wanted to eat this I would need to act fast and I piled the lot on my plate. Unfortunately I didn’t manage it. When your stomach starts feeling like it’s dissolving you need to stop.

I can’t deny that you need to be well versed in spicy food eating to take this dish on but it is incredibly flavoursome as well so I was quite sad to have to leave some of it.

All the dishes at Spice are full of flavour so you won’t be disappointed with whatever you choose from their huge menu, whether it’s hot or mild.

I give the morrisa four chillies for spiciness.


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