Product of the week: Swaadish Curry Sauces

Swaadish are the brand new curry sauces hitting British supermarket shelves and come in a range of interesting and unique flavours. A twist on Indian cooking, flavours include Pomergranate & Fenugreek, Ginger Curry, Mint Curry, and Coconut & Fennel. I decided to try Kashmiri Chilli & Mustard, one of the hotter products of the selection. 

Different to other shop brought curry sauces, you need to add a glass of water whilst cooking but this does not make the sauce less flavoursome. At first the sauce will look a little watery but as it simmers it becomes thicker and there’s a lot to go around for one jar. Kashmiri Chilli & Mustard is a blend of tomatoes, onions, chilli and mustard and goes well with chicken or lamb. I decided to be different and have mine with sausages which was also very nice. Looking at the sauce, being bright red and you can clearly see the chilli seeds, I was surprised that it was quite mild but it didn’t taste like any curry sauce I’ve tried before and was delicious.

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