Chilli flavoured ice cream?

We are obsessed with weird and wonderful flavours. From chocolate cheese to chilli cheese. Major food supplier are now looking for more interesting and exotic combinations to modernise their original products.

However, in the case of ice cream makers, specialist independent suppliers are now setting up shop to cater for this growing trend which has doubled in the past decade. These producers are using traditional methods with local produce to create inventive new flavours.

One of the strangest combinations I’ve seen so far has to be chilli ice cream, chocolate chilli ice cream and wasabi ice cream. My first thought is they would surely cancel each other out but despite the strange combination, reviews of the flavours have been nothing but favourable with the majority of taste testers saying the contrast makes it all the more tasty.

You can even make this yourself. Here are some links to recipes you should try. Perfect for a summer’s (or winter’s) day:

Chilli ice cream –

Chocolate chilli ice cream –

Wasabi ice cream –


3 Comments Add yours

  1. cookwithchem says:

    The first time I had chilli ice cream was in Sardinia, Italy. It was chocolate with just a hint of chilli. Really amazing combination and perfect on a hot Summer’s day!

    1. meganchapple says:

      Italy is definitely the best place for good ice cream. I bet it was delicious

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