Top 5 gifts for spice lovers

Do you have a family member or friend who has an obsession with spicy food? Are you uncertain about what to ask for Christmas? Here are five gift ideas perfect for a spice-loving mate or for your own wishlist.

Perfect for the cook

If you have a friend who loves cooking with spices, sign them up for monthly spice boxes. There is a choice of Friday Night Curry or Season & Spice and the first box comes with your own personal message. The boxes contain a mixture of spices from around the globe plus recipe cards.                                 

Perfect for the curry fan

You can buy magazine subscriptions for every interest now and a year’s subscription to Chaat! magazine is just what a curry fan needs. The magazine is produced by the British Curry Club and includes recipes, interviews, travel features and competitions.

Perfect homemade gift

Homemade gifts always go down well, even if they don’t quite work out, because it’s the effort that goes in to them that matters most. This festive recipe for spicy biscuits will go down a treat.                                                 

Perfect stocking filler

I know a lot of people who would appreciate a travel-sized bottle of hot sauce. Now you can spice up your meal wherever you are.                                                       

Perfect for any spice lover

Five different hot sauces from around the world. Who wouldn’t love this?    


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