Growing chillies: Part 1 (the sow)


I have never grown anything before but I thought that if I ever did, it would have to be a chilli plant.

With February and March being the optimum time to sow your chilli seeds, I thought I would give it a go this year. This is part one of my ‘Growing chillies’ diary.


I laid out a layer of compost in my seed tray and dampened it with some water. Then I sprinkled over the seeds, leaving a bit of space in between. I still have seeds left over just in case this batch doesn’t work.


I covered the seeds with a thin layer of compost and placed a lid over the top which apparently creates a little greenhouse for the seeds but I’m not sure how well this will work.


Time to go on the windowsill in the kitchen – the best place for sunlight and heat in my house. The next part is a waiting game. According to the packet they should start to emerge within a fortnight.  Fingers crossed.



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