Spicy sauces for the BBQ

Left to right: Coleman's Hot Chilli Tequila Sauce, ASDA Hot BBQ Sauce, Reggae Reggae Sauce
Left to right: Coleman’s Hot Chilli Tequila Sauce, ASDA Hot BBQ Sauce, Reggae Reggae Sauce

BBQ season is upon us and I have already enjoyed several. As much fun as a BBQ is, there is only so many burgers and hot dogs smothered in brown sauce, ketchup or mustard a girl can eat so I have been a little experimental with the sauces this year. These are just three of the ones I have tried recently.

Reggae Reggae SauceReggae Reggae Sauce

Burn your mouth

Brought to the attention of spicy sauce lovers everywhere when creator Levi Roots appeared on Dragons’ Den, Reggae Reggae sauce is a Jamaican Jerk Spice and is spicier than regular BBQ sauce. There is no denying the sauce has a kick to it. That is because it is made from Scotch Bonnets combined with Caribbean spices and Caribbean food is never bland. 

If you want more than just the sauce, there are now many more products to choose from including ready meals and cooking sauces. You can also find recipes online at http://www.leviroots.com/

Hot Chilli Tequila SauceColeman’s Hot Chilli Tequila Sauce


Not actual BBQ sauce but I had to try it. Tequila seems to be finding its way into everything now days. First beer, now hot sauce but it has not beaten BBQ sauces. It is very sweet and sticky, so much so that the chilli does not come through as much.

Hot BBQ SauceAsda Hot BBQ Sauce

Burn your mouth

Never dismiss a supermarket’s own brand sauce. My boyfriend and I were both blown away by this sauce and we have bought several bottles since. So cheap and yet so tasty. Unlike Reggae Reggae sauce it is a lot smokier but it is just as fiery.

And just for you, here is Levi Roots singing the Reggae Reggae song…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jack says:

    I just bought the Colman’s tequilla chilli sauce, I found it to be extremely weak in spiceyness… Not impressed, misleading branding to say the least.

    1. meganchapple says:

      Agreed, it was my least favourite and I haven’t bought it since. It was too sweet. Not spicy enough.

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