Product of the week: South Devon Chilli Farm Sauce

South Devon Chilli Farm SauceCall the firebrigade

I enjoy going to food markets and farm shops because there are so many unique products to try and buy that you won’t find in your usual supermarket.

I was spoilt for choice on hot sauces and other chilli products when I visited a farm shop in Berkshire and I ended up with a bottle of South Devon Chilli Farm Hot Habanero Sauce.

Habanero Sauce is made from Habanero Chillies which are much hotter than regular red chillies. Despite its brownish colour, this sauce is insanely hot. I made the mistake of adding the same quantity as my regular hot sauce to a meal and it nearly blew my head off. But still I came back for more.

If you are under the impression that good hot sauce can only come from abroad you are very much mistaken. The South Devon Chilli Farm in Devon, UK are producers of some of the hottest farm products in the country. They sell sauce, chilli growing kits, preserves, chilli chocolate and gifts.

Find out more about the South Devon Chilli Farm, their products and their stocklists at


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