Chilli plant update: Where did that come from?


Three days ago I was at the point of giving up. Other chilli farmers I knew now had chillies. I didn’t have a single one.

Not only that, the heatwave was playing havoc with my plants and some were wilting because I couldn’t water them fast enough. To top it off I have now lost several of my plants to a bug. Lots of bugs. How does a plant get infested with bugs indoors?

But then yesterday changed that. I must have overlooked this chilli before, otherwise it has literally appeared over night. It’s the only one I have so far but it’s big. This one chilli has it’s own guardian as well in the form of a spider (I’ve called Bob) who has placed his web directly in front of it to stop the pests.

There’s hope yet!


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  1. i have no chili on my plant yet, its big but nothing. i gave away one of my plants its not as big but that plant has grown chili already. unfair :).

    1. meganchapple says:

      I replanted mine yesterday and found a couple more growing. I leave the windows open all day so they have more chance of being pollinated

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