Chilli plant update: Going red


My ‘red chillies’ are finally beginning to go red. I’m so excited.


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  1. looks like you have a tasty pepper there almost ready to be picked. I love this time of year, all the peppers are getting ready to be harvested.

    1. meganchapple says:

      I know. I’m really excited. Can’t believe I did it. I thought they’d never grow

      1. I cant wait to see how you are going to use this pepper. I have a Trinidad scorpion plant that has not flowered yet I am stating to think I am not going to get any scorpion peppers this year.

      2. meganchapple says:

        I honestly haven’t decided yet but I might use it to make chilli jam. There’s a competition coming up soon near me for local jam. Could be interesting

  2. That sounds like a great way to use it. I have never had a chili jam, sounds like something I am going to have to try. Do you have a recipe?

    1. meganchapple says:

      There is a chilli jam recipe on this blog somewhere. I made it last year.

      1. I will search it out, thanks.

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