Product of the week: Cranky Croc Choc

The Chilli Factory Crank Croc ChocAs you know from my last post, I’ve just returned from a trip to Australia. I couldn’t leave the country without a bottle of hot sauce and luckily there was a Sunday market just round the corner from where I was staying. With a variety of food I was spoilt for choice but I eventually came across the stall of an Australian chilli farm – The Chilli Factory.

They had loads of hot sauce bottles, all rated out of 10 for hotness. Naturally I went for the most unusual. The Chilli Factory’s Cranky Croc Choc. A hot chilli chocolate sauce rated 9/10 and apparently goes great with BBQ steak, fruit, ice cream, marshmallows, and croissants.

I haven’t tried it with those yet (very intrigued by the steak idea but it’s not really BBQ time here in the UK) but I did make pancakes when I got back to the apartment.

Chocolate pancake

This sauce was a lot spicier than I thought and I put slightly too much on the first pancake. At first you get the sweetness of the chocolate but then the chilli hits and it stays with you. It pretty much played mind games with me. One minute I think I’m eating something sweet and then the next I’m downing water. I definitely went back for a second (and third) pancake but I think I would have liked just one of the pancakes to be all chocolate.

Chocolate pancake

You can find more of The Chilli Factory’s products at


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