Product of the week: Xtreme Heat collection


Call the firebrigade

Following on from my Christmas present reviews, this was my final present and ultimately the hottest.

The Xtreme Heat collection are four humorously named mini bottles of hot sauce. Each contains 22ml and each is made by Southwest Speciality Foods, USA.

These sauces are a lot hotter than your average hot sauce, hence the small size and the fact they are mainly stocked in novelty gift shops not food shops. Having tried all four I would strongly advise using them sparingly.

wpid-DSC_0458.jpgHabanero Hot Sauce from Hell

Described as “The World’s Hottest Hot Sauce”, this sauce is made from scorching habanero peppers, garlic, vinegar, carrots and 20 different herbs and spices.

This sauce is fiery from the moment it touches your tongue. It has a great smoky taste to it once you get over the tears.


wpid-DSC_0457.jpgHot Sauce from Hell Devil’s Revenge

Apparently this is supposed to be a hotter version of the previous sauce due to the capsicum extract. Call me crazy but this is actually my favourite and I’ve almost finished the bottle. It tastes very similar to a very hot version of Tabasco. Not for the faint hearted.

wpid-DSC_0459.jpgSpontaneous Combustion

This bottle comes with a danger warning. It is extremely hot and the sauce is said to be for “the palate pyromaniac”.

This one probably has the least likeable flavour for me as it is just pure heat.


wpid-DSC_0460.jpgAss Blaster

It wins for having the best name and if you buy this sauce on it’s own it comes with it’s own outhouse!

As for flavour it’s not my favourite out of the four but if want to bring a sauce with you it will definitely provide a lot of laughs.

Where can I buy?

You can find out more about Southwest Speciality Foods and their hot sauce range online. Other weird and wonderful products include their Habanero Popcorn, Ass Kickin’Margarita Mix and the Chocolate Bar from Hell. If you’re in need of relief they even sell H2O Relief from Hell reverse osmosis water that will tame the fire.

If you’re in the UK, Menkind stocks this gift as well as other spicy products.


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