Chilli plant update: Plants, plants everywhere!


Time for a quick update on the chilli plants. I was speaking to other chilli plant growers today and it seems like mine are having a  growth spurt. Mine are very tall and leafy already and I now officially have a plant on every single window sill. It’s getting a little cramped.

Slow down jalapeños!

I’m a little worried about how big some of them are going to get, especially the jalapeños which seem to just keep growing and growing and growing. If any of you have experience with these let me know.

They’re even in the bedroom with us!


If anyone else is growing chilli plants, what kind and how’s it going?


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  1. Craig says:

    My Jalapeno hasnt really shot up like expected 😦 but its a big plant. I was surprised last year growing Aji limons just how big that plant was. If you think its getting too tall google. nipping the top and decide if you want to do that.

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