Product of the week: Sussex Faire Dragon’s Breath sauce


Call the firebrigade

When I came across the jar at Godalming Food Festival yesterday I asked what you would it eat with. The reply I got was “Caution”.

During that day I had tried many sauces claiming to be “intense” but none had lived up to my exceedingly hot expectations. That was until I found this little jar.


The description reads “The ultimate frightenly intense sauce”. After being warned I stepped forward and agreed to try a tiny amount on a cracker. The amount was no larger than half a pea. For a brief second I could taste the delicious flavours of the cumin turmeric, peanut oil and ginger. Then it starts building…

…and building…

…and building…

…and at this point my temperature had probably risen, I was developing “chilli-sweats” and my eyes were watering. That being said I bought the jar for £5 because as I have become more tolerant of spicy foods it’s becoming very rare for me to come across a sauce that can put me in that state.

The reason behind its heat? Naga chillies.


Who can handle it?

If you’re a spicy fan and I mean you regularly eat spicy food (I would not suggest this sauce to anyone else) then this is for you as the next step up. It can be used in the same way as other hot sauces; in curry, marinades or on its own but always use with caution and add tiny amounts. This is not for the faint hearted.

This item is currently not listed on Sussex Faire’s website but other chilli sauce and chutneys can be found there. There was also a hint that they may be making an even hotter sauce out of Scorpion chillies so watch this space.


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