National Hot Sauce Day

According to the online foodie community, Thursday 22 January was National Hot Sauce Day!

I know, I know, not another one of those random national food days.  However, if I had a choice this is one that I would definitely celebrate. This week I received two new hot sauces to add to my collection.

Bonanza and Vesuvius are two delicious hot sauces from the Happy Chilli Company.



Vesuvius is an explosive combination of habanero chillies mixed with ginger, lime and mango to balance the fiery heat. It comes in between 100,000 to 200,000 on the scoville scale and I’ve been using it as a dip at the moment.


It may not be BBQ weather but Bonanza is a smoky chilli sauce that will bring back memories of a summer’s eve campfire. A combination of tomatoes, onions, chillies, spices and liquid smoke.

As well as being a great sauce for BBQ meat I decided to add this to regular chilli con carne to give it a smoky twist.


Use your normal chilli con carne recipe (or BBC Good Food has a quick and easy recipe). Instead of adding the spices early on I stirred in a tablespoon of Bonanza at the end to give it more of a smoky flavour.

I’m going to be using these sauces in some more recipes to come. See what else The Happy Chilli Company has to offer on their website (including chilli vodka).


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