My chilli valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day chilli lovers!

Is your valentine a chilli lover?

If you weren’t really fussed about this day but then your partner shows up with a card and a massive present you may be in need of an emergency gift. One of the top presents given on Valentine’s day is chocolate and if your valentine is a chilli fanatic then these ideas might help.

Chilli chocolate fondue

What’s more romantic than sharing food? This heart shaped fondue comes with chilli chocolate sauce!


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Chilli Valentine Hamper

Nothing says “I know you love food” more than a hamper and this one contains chilli products only.

valentine-2To the shop



Chilli chocolate truffles

Traditional valentine’s gift with a spicy twist – plus a plant!

giftinspiration_hot_stuffTo the shop




Chilli Sweethearts

If you can get to your nearest Hotel Chocolat then these will make a nice luxury gift.


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The naughty gift

If you want something fun and hilarious then have a game of chilli willy roulette. Out of the 10 chocolate willies, three are filled with chilli. Have fun playing this with your friends!

spf021_Chocolate_Chilli_Willie_Roulette_1To the shop


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