Food trends of 2015

As predicted by restaurants, foodies and the media, these are the trends that will dominate 2015.

wpid-DSC_0088.jpgRamen’s going mainstream

Ramen has been around a while. It was a particular favourite of mine as a student and I even got to try some when I stopped off in Singapore on my way to Australia two years ago.  But Ramen is getting more popular by the day and is appearing on more British menus. Ramen is quick cooking noodles served in a broth with meat or vegetables. If you haven’t tried a bowl of Ramen now is the time.


As the kale trend dies down, it is being replaced by the ‘not so boring anymore’ cauliflower. Roast with a dusting of curry powder for a light snack or try this Spicy veggie chilli recipe to get your cauliflower hit.

wpid-IMAG1744.jpgRise of Harissa

Sriracha has become a hot sauce must have in recent years but now it’s predicted that harissa will take over. The blend of chillis, garlic, tomatoes, paprika, coriander and olive oil works will as a dip, marinade or even a sandwich spread! Try some of these Harissa recipes:

spicy chicken samosasTurmeric

It’s the new super spice! Everyone’s suddenly talking about the benefits of turmeric – a spice we’ve had in our kitchens for ages. You can even buy turmeric supplements from your local health food shop. Turmeric is usual used in curries and gives them the yellow colour. Turmeric is said to have anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant. More reasons to eat curry!

Here’s some recipes that include turmeric:

Oil variety

At one point olive oil became the go to oil but now there are many others to choose from. I’ve recently been using coconut oil which works particularly well in curries but there are also many varieties to choose from including chilli infused oils, garlic and ginger oil, lemon infused oil, avocado oil and many more.


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