Chilli gifts for Mother’s Day

Because mums like spicy food too!

Chilli Head Fudge Hamper


Never mind regular fudge. This fudge hamper is for chilli heads only


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Chilli Drinking Chocolate

503512-chilli-drinking-chocolateHelp mum to put her feet up with a nice hot cup of chilli cocoa.


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Persian Spice Recipe Kit

normal_mothers-day-persian-spice-recipe-kitIf your mum enjoys cooking she may love her own spice kit but if not, why not cook her a lovely Mother’s Day?


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Nice and spicy herb kit

51uO6PQyXNL._SL500_SS100_Or if your mum enjoys cooking and gardening she may want to grow her own ingredients.


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Red hot chilli scarf

normal_chilli-scarfIt’s not edible but it does make the perfect gift.


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