Taste food and crafts festival



Today I went to my first food festival of the year. Taste was held at King Edward’s school in Surrey and featured approximately 30 food and craft exhibitors – including many chilli and curry exhibitors. Here are some of my favourites from the day.

Let’s Sushi



Let’s Sushi not only provide sushi party platters but they can also teach you how to make sushi. Host a sushi party with you and friends and learn a new skill. I watched this sushi being prepared and got to try it with some wasabi.

Ollo foods

Ollo foods produce pickles and sauces including a delicious goan curry sauce which I got to try. They also have a very flavoursome carrot and tamarind pickle as will as a mild curry sauce.

My Secret Kitchen



I’m already a fan of My Secret Kitchen having acquired some of their products already through gifts and other food festivals. Their wide selection makes them a favourite in many kitchens. I particularly love their Jumping Jack Chilli Jam and Secret Firecracker Chilli Spices.

Jimmy Ginger’s Fine Chillies



Jimmy Ginger’s Fine Chillies stall was a chilli-lovers dream come true. With a variety of dried chillies from their own chilli farm and other chilli products like their amazing chilli jam and The Rub (spicy blend for meat and fish), I was in my element. I didn’t walk away without picking up these two packets of dried chillies including the current world’s hottest chilli – the Carolina Reaper.


Flashy Food

Inspired by Sicilian cooking, Flashy Foods had many products to try but naturally I went straight to the hottest. Their pots of chilli concentrate are perfect for adding to dishes such as curries or as a marinade. I bought a pot of their Rosso Uno chilli concentrate and look forward to trying it.

The Art of Curry 


The Art of Curry specialise in curry sauces ranging from mild to hot. Raging Raja is their hottest sauce and I bought a packet to try later. They also host a curry dining club held in Surrey and (according to the website) curry classes are coming soon!

Today was a great way to start the food festival season of 2015 and I look forward to writing about the products I bought today in future posts.







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