Reading Chilli Festival


Food festival season is in full swing and has been made all the more exciting with my own hometown getting its own chilli festival.

The Reading Chilli Festival was held in the town center on Saturday 20 June and included live music, chilli eating contests and lots and lots of hot sauce.

There were a lot of sauces
So many sauces

An interesting trend I saw at this festival was a large amount of fruity hot sauce. Lots of sauce makers had been experimenting with strawberries, mangoes and blackberries.

Other products included spicy popcorn and hot fudge
There was even spicy ginger beer from Pimento

If there was an award for best stall, The Chilli Alchemist definitely wins. Their ‘wicca’ like display featured mini cauldrons and unique apothecary bottles which you can actually purchase.

Loved this stall display from The Chilli Alchemist

And for the hottest…

I tried a lot of sauces but these were the only ones that really tested me. One was “Blow your cock off” from Fire Foods and the others all came from Hot Headz who do extreme hot sauces. After trying one I watched in horror as a man scooped up a whole spoons worth onto his cracker. I had no time to warn him before he ate the lot. He got a bit of a shock.





I drag by partner along to these festivals and as he doesn’t have the same heat threshold it’s not always fun for him. Luckily though he found plenty of sauces he could try as well, particularly barbecue sauces which are his favourite. We both ended up going away with a bottle. He went with Burning Desire Foods Oak Smoked Habanero and Speyside Single Malt. And I choose one that tasted like a spicy coconut curry in a bottle from Byron Bay Co.

New sauces!
New sauces!

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