Fish finger fajitas with Salsa Arriera


I recently received a delicious box of goodies from Mextrade which included sauces and chillies. Mextrade specialise in sourcing Mexican products and bringing these flavours to the UK. They are also the sole importers of La Costeña, a popular Mexican brand for beans and chillies.

My goodies from Mextrade

I’ve started with the easiest. Salsa Arriera – a sauce that “is ready to pour over anything you fancy”. I had all the ingredients for fajitas…except the chicken! Then an idea from The Cooperative magazine came to the rescue.

Fish fingers? Well it’s definitely something I’ve never tried before. I’ve had chicken, steak and sausage fajitas but never fish, especially fish fingers which have always been an emergency meal in our freezer.













My weapons of choice: The Salsa Arriera is a very versatile sauce that can be used as a sauce, dip or marinade with almost everything. Then these Serrano Peppers pickled with carrots and onions to add extra fiery kick to my fajitas.


These accompanied the fish fingers, salad and chilli beans to make some pretty epic and unique fajitas.

Salsa Arriera

This is a spicy Mexican sauce which includes De Arbol Chillies Pepper, a small but potent Mexican chilli pepper, and tomatillos, considered a staple in Mexican cooking. Compared to your usual supermarket sauces which can be quite salty, this sauce was all about the flavour.

As well as adding it to these fish finger fajitas, I also added a tablespoon to my lunch of chicken, rice and beans which went down very well.

Serrano Peppers

Serrano peppers are long green peppers that resemble jalapenos but have a thicker flesh, hotter taste and I personally found them to be a lot juicer. These have been pickled with carrot slices and fried onion chunks in vinegar. They can also be added to salsas.


And as for fish fingers in fajitas…well, they weren’t bad but I still think I’ll only use them in a emergency.

I look forward to trying more of these products this week. Stay tuned.


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