Salsa review: Red vs Green


So I’m on to the final products of my MexTrade goodie box: the classic Salsa Mexicana Casera and Salsa Verde. Quite an easy distinction at first. One is red and the other green but they are both perfect accompaniments for typical Mexican dishes such as burritos and quesadillas.

I used them to top my steak fajitas. One negative point is they’re quite ‘liquidy’ so make sure you have a napkin close to hand but the taste is spot on.

Salsa Mexicana Casera


The Salsa Mexicana Casera has a mild/medium level of spice making it suitable for all (unless you really hate spice…in which case what the hell are you doing here?). Made from red tomatoes and jalapenos, it has a bright fresh colour and an equally refreshing taste. A good way to add an extra kick to any dish.




Salsa Verdewpid-wp-1446670401225.jpg

Another classic. Salsa Verde is made from green tomatoes (tomatillo), jalapenos, onion, coriander and spices. The tomatillos give it its distinctive green colour and its exceptional tangy taste. Another sauce that’s great with almost everything.





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