Spicy food trends for 2016

Last year it was all about the ramen and turmeric. What’s going to be big in 2016?

Soups are in!

wp-1451499103292.jpgI’ve been making soups for years but according to food experts soups will be the new smoothies in 2016. Go out and get yourself a blender or even splash out on a soup maker now and try out some of these spicy soups!

Hot noodle soup

Tomato and pepper soup


Caribbean, Mexican and Filipino cuisinewpid-img_20150923_183853.jpg
Expect to see more of these restaurants and food outlets popping up in the next year as we get more experimental with our international cuisine (although Indian will remain up there as my all time favourite).


Taste over heat

We love spicy and in recent years we’ve taken heat to the extreme but now we’re coming back down to earth with some tastier blends. From West Africa try the nutty Tsire, chilli Berbere from Ethiopia and Japanese Togarashi or the pungent Gochujang from Korea.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Joshua says:

    Korean food is SPICY! I have been to Korea a couple of times. Their food will make your mouth both numb and burn at the same time.

  2. shehatepin says:

    Love chillies too! It’s not thrill to eat without spicy

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