Product of the week: The Spice Tailor

Everyone’s entitled to an easy ready-meal every once in a while and my go-to easy meal is curry. But let’s face it. Curry sauces from a bottle never taste as good as a curry you made from scratch unless you go a little more ‘upmarket’.

I was wandering aimlessly around my local supermarket, looking for a sauce that would go with some lamb I had in the fridge that needed to be used up. In my tired, hangry state I would literally have gone for anything but then my boyfriend came across a packet of The Spice Tailor original tikka masala. Tikka masala usually goes with chicken but I wasn’t arguing at that point. I could see there were several packets inside which meant some element of cooking would be required but to me, it also mean’t this could be better than the usual all-in-one jars.


When I got home I immediately got on with it. I opened out the packaging to reveal three packets: spices, base sauce and main sauce. On the packaging were the easy steps to follow.



It is a mild curry but the spice packet included a chilli, which obviously ended up on my plate. The taste and smell were strong – unlike your usual cooking sauces which are quite bland. It felt as though I was creating a proper curry.



I don’t know how we ended up with this much lamb but it all had to go and the sauce managed to cover all of it.


Serve with some rice and a naan and you’re done! The perfect easy Friday night meal. This definitely surpasses anything you could pick up in a jar from the supermarket.

For us spice lovers, you’ll be happy to hear there is also Fiery Goan and Southern Pepper curry to try. Find out more about The Spice Tailor products on their website:








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