Growing update: Where are my plants?

Doesn’t the picture look perfect? My own little indoor garden – chillies and herbs. Well, I was proud of myself afterwards…but that was two weeks ago. Still no sign of plant. Usually there’s a little bit of something poking through by now but nothing. I’m hopeful something will show up in the next week otherwise I might need to start over…if there’s still time.

I moved at the end of the last year, and despite being happy in my new home, it doesn’t appear to have quite the same ‘conditions’ as the flat flat I lived in before. My previous plants seemed to have no trouble springing to life then.

However, it’s not impossible for anything to grow on the windowsill. The herbs are actually doing extremely well. All three – basil, parsley and chives – all showed up after a few days. So fingers crossed the chillies catch up. If you have any tips please feel free to comment.

In other news, I’m away in Dublin this weekend so if you know any great curry places or eateries I should visit while I’m here tweet me @TheChilliPad1 and hopefully I’ll get to try out your suggestions.



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