Apps for foodies and chilliheads

I’ve been a bit ill recently with summer flu (would you believe it) so not much cooking has been going on. Today I bring you a quick list of some handy food apps I’ve downloaded including ones for any cooking enthusiasts, as well as some just for the spicy lovers. All of these apps are free and work on Android.

1 – TheChileMan


Based on, this app is a database of chillies around the world. You can search by name, heat, species or location for example, search Jalapeno and you’ll get a list with photos of all the Jalapenos. Click on one to bring up the origin and information on how long it takes to ripen.

The location search was most interesting for me. I’m going to Czech Republic at the end of this year and decided to search to see if there was a chilli from there. Turns out there is! The Paprika Rana Oranzova, Vlasta. Bit of a mouthful.

Downside is the app is quite slow and picture quality isn’t great. If it functioned better it would be a great app to have.

2 – Spices of the world


Another database but this one has an extensive list of spices and herbs with pictures and information on where they come from.

It’s a very basic app which I think could grow into something more but useful.

3 – Chilli Sauce Kit


Ok, so this app is trying to sell you a sauce kit but actually it’s got some useful stuff on there too.

From start to finish, this app provides tips on germination, growing and planting your own chilli peppers and then a long list of recipes to try, including sauces, jams and pastes.

4 – Cookbook: BBQ and Grilling Recipes


It’s BBQ season so I had to include one. This very simple BBQ app lists 100 recipes to choose from. You can also search by ingredient. It’s very simple and easy to use.


5 – Dinner Spinner

Just a fun app for all. If you’re ever stuck for ideas on what to eat this is perfect.

It’s easy to use with a good layout. You can either choose from the recipes listed or go to the spinner! Shake your phone and it will select a random dish, main ingredient and cooking time and then list the recipes to match.

It also includes the recipe’s nutritional info and reviews from other users. You can also add the ingredients to a shopping list.



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