Review: Cherry Tree inferno cheddar and Wild Chilli Jam ginger

It’s summer time! And that means food fayres and country shows galore for us Brits.

It’s a highlight of my summer, as local producers gather together to show off their produce. Over the years spicy food has really been growing and, even at smaller shows, can now be found in abundance.

Two weeks ago I attended the Berkshire Country Fayre in Englefield. I came for the food tent. It was small but there was plenty to choose from and my aim was to walk away with at least one great tasting product that I could share with you. It didn’t take long to find them.

Wild Chilli Jam 

Wild Chilli Jam is a small family business in Newbury who specialise in Chilli Jam. They have three main products : Original, Ginger and Balsamic. All are mild in heat level so they’re suitable for all and serve as the perfect condiment to cheese and biscuit. I opted for the Ginger Chilli Jam to get something slightly different and the price was very reasonable compared to the other stalls. I’ve managed to get through my jar already thanks to BBQs (it goes great on burgers too surprisingly!). For info go to their website or Facebook page.

Cherry Tree

I had a hard time deciding what to buy from this store. So much choice and these guys really knew how to mix up the flavours. Their was  (delicious), , plus a load of cocktail inspired curds. But what I went for was the cheese. The perfect accompaniment to my Wild Chilli Jam and crackers. I taste tested to make sure the cheese lived up to its name. It’s a fiery piece of cheddar and for £3.95 it was another low priced buy compared to the other products on offer around the tent. Check out their website for more.

So I was well and truly set for cheese and biscuits that evening. Next week I’ll be putting my taste buds to the test at the annual Reading Chilli Festival. You may even see me taking part in the chilli eating contest…


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