Review: The Old Thai House, Camberley


Since I moved almost a year ago I’ve been struggling to find a new local Thai, Chinese or Indian restaurant. Sadly a lot of the ones in Sandhurst where I live have poor hygiene ratings, which is one of the first things I check along with reviews. Next to Sandhurst is the town of Camberley but it seems to be filled with your usual Bella Italia, Nandos, Pizza Express etc and I had all but given up hope.

Then as Wednesday  – the day of our anniversary – approached I was determined to find somewhere unique to celebrate. My scouring the internet eventually brought me to The Old Thai House on London Road, Camberley. You’d recognise it from the outside as it has an unmistakable ‘Tudor-like’ appearance, which makes it stand out from the surrounding buildings.


Another factor that I consider is website quality. I know you may think that is not really important when it comes to good food but I really wanted to make sure the night was perfect and having worked in web design I knew that a business was taking things seriously if their website was modern and up to date. The Old Thai House’s website was just that and even had an easy online booking system. For two people, I didn’t think booking would be necessary but I thought I would do it anyway. Good thing I did as the place was filled when we arrived.

We sat down and made our order, then sat back with our drinks and admired the beautiful Thai decor that surrounded us.

Our first plate was the Old Thai House Grand Platter – a mix of appetizers including spring roll, prawn toast, crispy prawn, fish cake and a ‘bag of gold’. All delicious and went down very well with some sweet chilli sauce on the side.


But I was keen to see my main, which I’d already picked out the night before. Red Goong Yai was a hot Thai curry consisting of giant King prawns in a curry and coconut sauce and mine was served with Jasmine rice. It looked better than I expected. The prawns where the biggest I’d ever seen (which we nicknamed ‘shark prawns’) and it smelt delicious. I couldn’t wait to tuck in.


I polished off the entire bowl, including all of the sauce which had a sweet coconut flavour and a fiery kick. It was absolutely divine and I was full by the end. Not too full for a Baileys coffee though, which is how we ended the night.

Sad news

After a superb evening I was shocked to discover that the local council is looking to ‘Compulsory Purchase and demolish’ the site as part of redevelopment plans for the town centre. I agree with regenerating the area as there are a lot of empty buildings that could be made into something more profitable and enjoyable for the community, but let’s not lose the few good ones we have. The restaurant has created a page about the situation as it stands and the history of the building – ‘Our ‘Save Betty’ petition – if you are interested in finding out more. The petition can be found here.


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