Hot sauce review!

I have three new hot sauces to share with you, bought over from the states to add to my collection. They are: Cholula Hot Sauce Original, El Yucateco Green Habanero Hot Sauce and Tapatio Hot Sauce.

wp-image-2047702547jpg.jpgTapatio Hot Sauce

This was my favourite of the three. It’s dark red in colour and lists water, red peppers, salt, spices and garlic as ingredients. It’s a medium heat and I would regard this as an everyday sauce. There’s no vinegar in this sauce so it doesn’t have that overpowering tang that you get with Tabasco-like sauces. It’s more of a roasted smoky flavour. I could use this on just about anything but apparently it works particularly well on Doritos. So well in fact, that they’ve made Tapatio flavoured Doritos available in the States.


wp-image-1956833365jpg.jpgEl Yucateco Green Habanero Hot Sauce

This was definitely…different. Firstly it’s almost florescent green in colour which is not particularly appetising. The ingredients include fresh green habanero peppers, garlic and spices. The consistency is a bit pulpy and it’s very hot. I would say it was the hottest of the three, however, I wasn’t a big fan of the taste as it’s more heat over flavour. It’s quite zesty with a fresher taste to regular hot sauce, which is probably why they recommend it with salad as well as your usual grub.

wp-image-1901791160jpg.jpgCholula Hot Sauce Original

This is a well balanced flavoursome Mexican hot sauce, and would suit most foods such as burgers, chickena and pizza. Made with arbol and piquin peppersand a blend of signature spices, it’s orange in colour and has a light, fruity flavour.


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