Artisan Grocer Chilli Sauces

Hope you are having a great start to 2017!

I’ve be absent over Christmas because a lot has been going on besides all the usual festivities, including getting engaged! I’m happy now to get back into this blog and continue bringing you recipes and reviews. To start the new year, I’ve reviewed one of my Christmas presents – Artisan Grocer Chilli Sauces from Santa (Waitrose).


Please remember that as this is a Christmas gift it may only be available in store at special seasonal times.

The box contains five glass 59ml bottles of hot sauce, each made using a different type of chilli pepper. These are: Cayenne, Jalapeno, Habanero, Scorpion and Scotch Bonnet. Having all these sauces together offers a great choice and a great opportunity to see and taste the rell differences between these peppers.

wp-image-397409920jpg.jpgCayenne Hot Sauce

This sauce had one of the milder heat ratings (6/10) but was surprisingly hot. Similar to Louisiana style hot sauce, it’s versitile with a multitude of cooking uses. It’s an orange red colour and has quite a powerful peppery scent. To begin with it actually has quite a sweet taste but then the heat kicks in. Made with aged red cayenne peppers and naga jolokia chillies, this sauce is like the ‘tabasco’ of the box and my favourite overall.

Jalapeno Hot Sauce


With a heat rating of 5/10, this khaki green coloured sauce is the mildest out of the five but for me it was the most flavoursome. It has a gradual build of heat but the juicy fresh jalapeno flavour comes through nicely both in taste and scent. Again this sauce can be used with almost anything and it’s almost all gone in my house.

wp-image-1380202756jpg.jpgHabanero hot sauce

This one was very similar to the cayenne sauce in colour but with a heat rating of 8/10 I expected more heat. It had a very salty flavour and smoky in scent but no real heat. To be honest, I’m disappointed in this bottle and its my least favourite in the box.

Scorpion Pepper Sauce


At 10/10 on the heat scale, this sauce almost blew my head off. Unlike the other sauce which were smooth, this was thicker and contained some chilli pulp. It was deep red in colour and made with Trinidad Scorpion peppers – once the hottest pepper in the world – the taste was overpowering and just kept on building. It definitely lived up to its name and rating.

Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce

This fruity Caribbean style sauce was delicious. Bright yellow in colour, it stands out from the other bottles and with a heat rating of 7/10, it has just the right about of heat to spicy up any dish.

It won’t be long before I get through these so I’m always on the look out for new sauces to try. Next week I’ll be listing some of the chilli festivals taking place this year where you can find new and exciting products. Watch this space…


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