Top spicy food trends for 2017

Here are some of the top spicy food trends predicted to take off in 2017



Are you doing Veganuary? The growing popularity of vegan food is everywhere with many claiming it’s a healthier and a more sustainable diet. The big concern many people have is a lack of choice or that their food will taste bland but fear not, chilli is the perfect addition to a vegan dish. I suggest trying some of these to start of with.

The year of the taco


OK, tacos aren’t new but they are certainly making a comeback this year. This delicious Mexican dish is one of my favourites and whether it’s beef, pork or even sausages you put in your taco, now is the time to brush up on your taco-making skills.

Healthy crisps

Need a snack but you’re trying to be good after Christmas? Making your own veggie crisps might be the way to go. Try slices of celeriac tossed in chilli oil or paprika seasoned sweet potato crisps.

Portuguese cuisine


Every year seems to bring a new cuisine to the mix. This year it’s the turn of Portugal. Think spicy sausage soups (caldo verde), seafood, a cooling Portuguese custard tart and piri piri flavoured everything.


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  1. I’m not surprised by the veganism, but the tacos and portuguese cuisine are certainly interesting!

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