Review of Hot Piri-Piri from Mannys Sauces

Last week, I was enjoying my Bank Holiday weekend and decided to walk into town to do some shopping. I didn’t realise that a food market, the first I’ve come across this year, had just opened. There is nothing greater than stumbling across a food market you didn’t know was there.

Immediately I headed for the sauce stand and found these bottles of hot sauce – only £2 each! So I got a bottle of the hottest one – hot piri-piri. Straight away I’m reminded of Nandos but I swear this sauce is hotter and has a stronger flavour. The sauces in Nandos often aren’t hot enough for me.

Turns out the person behind Mannys – Manny – says he was actually involved in the creation of Nandos but was forced to leave the business and later set up Mannys to fulfill his dream. There are hopes to set up a restaurant next!

This sauce is super spicy but has that familar piri-piri taste that makes it extra yummy and suitable for most foods. I’ve been using it mainly as a dip. It’s dark orange in colour and has a peppery vinegary smell. Ingredients include African birds eye chillies, onions, garlic, vinegar, lemon juice and salt. The label suggests this sauce is great for BBQs, roasts, casseroles, meat and fish, but I’m not too sure “apply to your partner for a fiery romance”. That’s gunna sting…

If you’re an allergy sufferer you’re in luck. All of Mannys sauces are free of the top 14 allergens. Other sauces include Curry Sauce, Tomato Fusion, Hot Chicken Marinade and Mannynaise. Recipes and more information can be found on their website. 


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