Review: Jalapeno and Lime Mature Cheddar

Today I’m reviewing one of two unique cheeses bought at the Highclere Country Fayre from Blacks Cheese. Look out for the hard-to-miss all black chilli charcoal cheese I’ll be reviewing next week!

Blacks Cheese Jalapeno and Lime Mature Cheddar

This zesty little cheese is made from green chillies, red chillies, green chilli flakes and lime oil, and it’s refreshing flavour could make it a great addition to the BBQ in the coming summer months.

The cheese itself is cheddar and quite light in colour dotted with the red and green chilli throughout. It’s encased in green wax.

The flavour you’ll get when you take a bite is the lime which is particularly strong. That is then followed by the subtle warmth of the chillies, and the creaminess of the cheese takes the edge off. This also means it’s a great cheese for all to try.

I would imagine, particular as it has a very refreshing zesty flavour, this cheese would be great grated and used in fajitas, nachos or some other sort of Mexican cuisine would complement it well.

To get this cheese (£4.50) or others there’s a selection available online here.


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