Review: Giggling Squid – Warwick

On a recent mini holiday to the historic town of Warwick, I went for a delicious Thai meal at the Giggling Squid on The High Street.

I have to admit, I was originally drawn to the name as we drove past, which did create a few chuckles. And yes, squid is on the menu. I managed to convince the rest of my party (all seven of us) to go there that evening for dinner, after a trip to the nearby Warwick Castle.

It was a Saturday night and we were a large party but they managed to accommodate us straight away. I loved the modern, stylish decor – even the wine glasses!

I chose the salt and pepper squid for starters because I kind of had to with a name like that. Presentation is big at the Giggling Squid, and if you think the squid served in a clam was ostentatious, wait until you see the Pad Thai that’s served with an ‘egg veil’ over the top.

For the main, I went for a traditional Thai Green Prawn Curry which arrived in a little cast iron pot. On the side I had jasmine rice because I didn’t want anything that would overpower the flavour of the curry. I didn’t have to worry, the curry was bursting with flavour; creamy yet a good hit of spiciness. Once the prawns had been eaten, I was left with a bit of a ‘soup’  which I ended up finishing off with a spoon. There was so much of it in one portion, but I still managed to devour it all and left no room for dessert.

Although the food was perfect, there was one downside. Whilst all the food was all being served, I was left waiting for a second drink I ordered which only arrived at the end when we reminded them. I wasn’t the only one either. My partner ordered the Giggling Green Iced Tea, which failed to come out with the other drinks and we ended up have to ask again. When it did arrive it was quite tasteless and disappointing.

Staff were nice and welcoming though and if you’re looking for some decent, moderately priced Thai food whilst sightseeing around the town, don’t be put off by a few missing drinks.


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