Chilli plant update: They’re flowering!

Chilli Plant

Today I was doing my daily chilli plant check-up and they have started to flower. We have even noticed what looks to be fruit appearing on some of the plants!

It is obvious though that these plants are now getting a bit too big so I will need to move the bigger ones into their own pots very soon.

I am going away for a week next week so there will be no posts on The Chilli Pad for a little while. I am also hoping these guys make it through as I have no one to water them and they get very thirsty.


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  1. kk4oos says:

    Congratulations and I am very jealous! This year has proven a challenge to get my hot pepper plants up to “critical mass.” Nasty weather has set me back a month or two. However, I do appreciate your posts on hot peppers. Thanks!

    1. meganchapple says:

      Thank you. When did you start? I was really late and it took weeks for them to show. I thought they were all dead but now they won’t stop growing. I repotted 5 of the biggest ones today. Hopefully the little ones can catch up now

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