Cooking with Raging Raja (from The Art of Curry)


A few weeks ago I enjoyed a great day out at a local food festival and picked up some new spicy products. This week I’ve finally got round to trying some of them out starting with this flavoursome fresh curry sauce from The Art of Curry in Godalming, Surrey.


The Raging Raja is the hottest of the sauces on offer which also includes Queen Bhuna and Royal Dopiaza. (Note to readers: ignore the date on the packet in the photo. These sauces are freezable.)

This is a suitable sauce if you are cooking for someone who can handle a bit of spice but not overbearing heat. It’s described as a “fiery sauce inspired by madras in Southern India with paprika and whole piquant red chillies”.

Minus the chillies, the sauce has a traditional curry flavour, full of spices to tantalize the taste buds. When you do get a chilli then you get the full heat of the dish. It’s just the right balance to make it a thoroughly enjoyable curry.


I used chicken for this but the packet also recommends it with vegetables, lamb, beef, fish or paneer (Indian cheese). It even suggests using it as a marinade for roasts!


The sauces are £4.99 each. For more information go to

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